About us

aboutusWe didn’t know it at the time, but the first seeds of nostepsnostairs.com were sown when our family wanted a long weekend in a chocolate box cottage in the countryside somewhere. There had to be a BBQ for the adults, a lawn for the grandchildren, downstairs bedrooms for limited walking and occasional wheelchair user me and another for my 87 year old mum. ‘‘Easy, no problem, I’ll arrange it,” I said.

Wrong! Oh, how very wrong I was! 



The why and the what

 No longer is it a matter of trial and error finding accommodation suitable for the disabled and those with limited mobility.

nostepsnostairs.com lists both serviced and non-serviced properties with ground floor or lift access to bedrooms and living accommodation.

A wheelchair-user or those that can manage a few steps, but not stairs, will find our website invaluable. It  is designed to direct accommodation seekers to your website and is advisory only.



Why list with us?

 … and as the accommodation provider, what’s in it for you?

 Answer: Quite simply, Return on Investment and high profile Exposure.

A very modest outlay will give you a tremendous return on investment. Listing with us means you can showcase your property, rooms, facilities and attractions to customers we will help find for you.

Exposure comes from selective advertising to the ever growing limited mobility and disability sectors in newsletters, national and international newspapers and magazines and through an extensive, social media campaign.